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    I’M BACK!

    It’s been too long since I’ve shared anything on this blog. This past year has been very busy for many reasons. Work has taken most of my time, but also I was pregnant and just gave birth on 5/2/17 (new mommy series to come!) to a handsome boy: Paxton David.


    But honestly, I wanted to just enjoy life and have more “me time.” I’ve been always on the go (still am), but I forced myself to just slow down and enjoy every moment. And it was well worth it with everything going on! Now that I’m on maternity leave, I have a little more time to get back to what I love doing: Cooking, Eating, DIY-ing. I’m hoping to share some new recipes, DIY projects related to both home decor and baby stuff! So stay tune!



    Finally, we have come to the end of this trip! I was very excited that we were ending our trip in Cartagena, Colombia! I knew it would be a beautiful city. We loved Panama, but Cartagena still had that Spanish/colonial feel with the walls still up. It’s a very vibrant city with so many things happening regardless of what time it was. These people party until 6am!

    We only had one full day here before we had to go back to California, so we tried to jam pack everything. When we arrived, it was the hottest and humid day ever and we walked around the city all day. The funny thing is, a lot of the stores in Colombia were Americanized where you can find many stores in the US.

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    Wow, it’s been a couple months since I’ve posted! 2015 is over and January is practically over! Crazy how fast 2015. It’s been a busy last few months with personal and work priorities to handle. But I’m back and I wanted to finish this travel series since people have been talking about vacations lately; it made me reminisce about this trip!

    Surprisingly, we loved Panama and was our favorite destination we visited. It was just beautiful and still had that Spanish feel with a modern twist. Much of the city is still being rebuilt, but it was amazing to see the old with the new. So many churches and the architecture of the new buildings is just beautiful (I have no other words to describe it!)

    Panama City reminded me a bit of Florida since the ocean was right there and was very humid. We explore a town called Casca Vieja. With my research, this was the place to explore and was not too far from the port. We took a taxi into the city and walked around the town with no real agenda. English was used here, so it was easy to communicate and get around the city.

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    Day 7:

    This day was a Sunday. Back at home, our typical Sunday is always a lazy, laundry day. But Sunday on the ship was a Lazy Sunday and Sunday Funday! Again, we woke up later than usual and we wanted to check out breakfast at the dining room. I checked their daily newspaper which is called “Reflections” to see what time the dining room closed for breakfast. To my surprise, they were serving brunch! We were pretty excited since we’ve been eating quick breakfast at the Lido Buffet or room service.

    They took brunch to a whole different level! We walked towards the lobby and we saw them setting up a brunch buffet with various stations! There was an omelet station, pasta station, seafood station, salad station, fruit station, bread station, dessert station, cheese station and I can go on about all the stations! OMG, it was an amazing presentation!


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