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    By the 5th day, vacation mode finally hit us and got into the groove of what cruising life is about: waking up late and do nothing but relax at the pool. That’s exactly what we did. and I continued to read my book. We did have dinner at the 2nd speciality restaurant: Silk Road; which is a Nobu Matsuhisa’s restaurant on the ship. We almost ate everything, I mean why not when it’s all you can eat?! This day at sea will be filled of food pictures, so enjoy the sushi deliciousness!


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    We finally arrived at our first destination: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I’ve only been to Ensenada and Rosarito in Mexico so I was curious how Cabo was going to be like. Obviously, you will run into many people trying to sell you tours and will not leave you alone. But Cabo was much cleaner than the places I’ve been to in Mexico. There are lots to do in the area and everything is pretty much walking distance. We walked the marina area where there is plenty restaurants, shopping and souvenirs.

    We anchored off the coast, so we had to take a tender boat into the pier. Water was beautiful and weather was HOT. We walked around the marina area and saw a familiar restaurant called Rock and Brews, so we checked it out. To our surprise, Mexico has stepped up their beer game and besides your typical Coronas, they had some craft beers on tap. Knowing us, we had to give it a try.


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    As much as I love to check out the new restaurants in my area, it’s sometimes nice to be at your home and make a fancy dinner. On 6/28/15 I celebrate my one year of marriage. One year goes by so fast! We went on a big trip end of May/early June, so we decided to make a nice dinner at home. Check out some posts here.

    Our good friend gave us a Sucaba as a wedding present last year and we kept it one year later to enjoy. Most people save the top of their cake and freeze it to enjoy on their anniversary. But who wants to enjoy a one year old cake, when you can enjoy an aged beer? Sucaba is barrel aged barely wine and it’s sooo good!

    Here is the menu from our anniversary dinner:

    • First Course: Summer Corn Soup
    • Main Course: Rib Eye Steak
    • Side: Japanese Mayo Asparagus
    • Dessert: My famous homemade cookies (recipe here)

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    Our vacation officially started and the next day and a half was a day at sea before we got anchored in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The both of us surprisingly woke up pretty early and it’s probably due to the fact we wake up early for work, so we have not adapted to vacation just yet (you will know what I’m talking about when I post later about the trip). In the morning, we worked out. On the Crystal Symphony they have a fitness garden on almost every deck. The fitness garden includes high-end elliptical machines, pull up bar and other machines that work out your arms and abs. But I must also add with the fitness garden comes a great view outside! On the promenade deck (deck 7) is a 360 deck that allows you to walk or jog around the whole ship. That’s where we usually work out and do at least a mile around the deck and some workouts at the fitness garden.

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    One year later after we got married, we finally took our honeymoon and it was well worth the wait. We decided to go on a cruise. Not just any cruise, but one of the most luxurious cruiselines in the world: Crystal Cruises. Crystal Cruises has been voted World’s Best year over year for the past 19 years, so that must say something about this brand.

    What’s unique about this cruiseline is that not only is it all you can eat, but it is also all you can drink! Yes, I know, game over. You would think, with all you can drink you would go all out, but we paced ourselves after the first few days and just enjoyed the drinks rather than going crazy. Also, there are two speciality restaurants that you can enjoy free of charge once each. One was an Italian restaurant called Prego and the other was a Japanese restaurant by famous Chef Nobu Matsuhisa called Silk Road. The food was fantastic and way to much around that it was hard to say no. The dining room had a rotating menu of both traditional and modern menus. I leaned more towards modern since I love chefs’ take on different dishes and use different techniques with their food.

    This specific voyage we left from San Pedro, CA which is convenient for my husband and I since we live in that area. It also meant only one way ticket back home! SCORE! From there, the rest of the cruise we stopped in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Huatulco, Mexico, Golfo De Papaygo, Costa Rica, Panama City, Panama, Panama Canal, Cartagena, Colombia. It went from hot to HOTTER each destination we went, but it was so much fun exploring each city.

    I will be sharing each day of my cruise in separate posts. So enjoy this travel series and hope you got some inspiration to go travel and maybe go to South America one day! Warning! There’s lots of food pictures, but also pictures of each cities’ beautiful features!

    On our first day on the ship, we couldn’t go to our stateroom until 3p, so we explored the ship and grabbed a quick lunch at the Lido Cafe. Nothing too exciting, but unpacking and checking out what we can do the rest our trip.


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